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  •          Dongguan Velve Thread ManufactoryVelve Thread Manufactory is a dynamic, innovative and professional manufacturer with strong focus on high quality sewing thread, which has five series: jeans thread, garments thread, leather thread and metallic yarn. In these series, they are hundreds of types of threads. We are well-known for updated products and creative development. Our professional products include cope spun thread, high tenacity polyester thread, cotton thread, fire retardant thread, anti-static thread, conductive thread, glow in the dark thread and hot melt thread. They are widely used at home and abroard. The manufactory is located at the famous manufacturing centre-- Guangdong province, China, the geographical advantage from which enables us to produce the world's favorite high performance thread at a competitive price.

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  •            Velve Thread Manufactory has employees specialized in technical and development and its own quality control department. Hig hquality products are produced by using advanced twisting machine made in Japan and winding machine inported from Tai Wan. Our products are environmentally friendly, which can meet the requirement of environmental protection. We have offices in other provinces. Distributors are always welcome to fulfill our marketing network.

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velve Product:Core yarn sewing thread、Special goods lines、multi-terms metallic yarn、cotton thread、Flame retardant cable、anti-siphon thread、anti-static thread、conductive thread、hot melt thread.
Garment series

Apply to bull-puncher、Children's clothing、Latest fashion、Jacket、Man 's suit、Toys clothing line。Contains the most popular cored wire、indigo thread、multi-terms metallic yarnInternational prevalence of low shrinkage of sewing thread products。

Leather line

Contains high strength special goods lines、The rough style of American wax line、Bond tails for stitch and sewing shoes、Handbag with sewing thread series。

metallic line

The high-grade embroidery metallic thread、Weaving metallic thread、Ribbon with metallic thread。High twist2 shares -18 shares denim with gold and silver、Line resistance to acid and metallic yarn imported film coated washable gold and silver thread in vivi independent system。

Special use

Waterproof、Kafra、Fire prevention、anti-static、conductive threadLike features line and luminous、Pure cotton、Super thick Ultra Series、Wrapped yarn and other special categories of industrial lines,Vivi has more categories of machine,The market is not a common line can be found here.

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